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Shrimp importers on usa

Shrimp importers on usa are from diffrent countries and iran one of them.we are shrimp suppliers in the word.

Shrimp live in the sea and belong to the crustacean family. Some species of shrimp are also found in freshwater.

Shrimp importers from iran

We are shrimp importers from iran that we can export with different packaging.
We offer shrimp in various forms, here are some of its packaging for Types of shrimp.
One type of packing for frozen shrimp is as follows:
Frozen Head Vannmei shrimp
We provide the following specifications for this type of shrimp:
Specie: Penaeus Vannamei
%100 NET WT, 100% NET COUNT,100% Organic
We also have different packages, one of which is as follows
SEMI/IQF in 2kg NW Box – 102kg NW Box Per M/C SEMI-IQF in 6kg NW Blok & 26kg NW Block Per M/C
Sizes: 31-40 , 41-50 , 51-60 ,61-70 ,71-80 , 81-100 PCS-KG

What does vannamei mean?

There are new varieties of farmed shrimp That has a lot of fans. This kind of shrimp called white shrimp or vannamei that have great nutritional value

One of the most delicious seafood is shrimp, which is high in protein and very tasty.

shrimp importers countries buy three types of shrimp from us:

  • Raw
  • Bread
  • Cooked

In all three cases the shrimp are packed in different sizes and we can export them to any customer as desired

vannamei shrimp importers in vietnam

One of the shrimp importers countries in the world is Vietnam.

The shrimp exporting process will be carried out not only by our country but also by many countries

Especially the countries with seas can easily export the best shrimp samples

Some of these countries are Vietnam, India and Ecuador, which rank high in shrimp exports.

Shrimp importers1

vannamei shrimp is export in various sizes, both fresh and frozen.
Shrimp protein is easily digestible and is a good choice for the elderly who have difficulty digesting it.
So if the shrimp is freshly consumed, all the nutrients in it are preserved and of excellent quality

vannamei shrimp farming

Shrimp are usually in two form:

  • Sea shrimp
  • farming shrimp

Both types of shrimp are available in Iran and Vannami shrimp is one of the best shrimp in Iran
Most influential on the shrimp export process are the shrimp brand, the quality of shrimp packaging, the prices and prices for shrimp. the shrimp’s organicity, as well as the status of shrimp shipment from origin to destination, will be.
China Russia United Arab Emirates are among the countries shrimp importers.

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