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hlso vannamei shrimp factory in iran with the best quality

hlso vannamei shrimp is available in iran and We put it in the best quality in different packages.Our factory has the best freezing point for frozen shrimp.

Shrimp has a lot of essential minerals such as iron and phosphorus.
These minerals are very useful for children and pregnant women.
It also has the following resources:

  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin D3
  • Protein
  • Selenium

People who do not eat red meat are more likely to develop anemia than others.

hlso vannamei shrimp
hlso vannamei shrimp

hlso vannamei shrimp in iran

hlso vannamei shrimp Has iron.And it’s the first mineral needed by the body. Shrimp has many properties and is important for health.
Another important property of shrimp is that it promotes bone and bone health.
Do you know what causes premature skin aging? As you know, when exposed to excessive sunlight, it can damage the skin….

hlso vannamei shrimp
hlso vannamei shrimp

But how can this be solved? One way to prevent and skin aging is the use of antioxidants.
But the thing that boosts shrimp is that they have antioxidants. The antioxidants in shrimp can reflect ultraviolet rays, which reduce the sun’s effect on the skin.

Frozen hlso vannammei shrimp

Shrimp can be offered in both fresh and frozen form.
Here we are going to explain the size of shrimp we offer as well as its packaging.
size: 31-35 36-40 41-50 51-60 61-70 71-80
The packages are as follows:
Packing : 20 kg block inside 12kg carton
Form: frozen
And the minimum order you can give us is as follows
Min order:24 ton
hlso vannamei shrimp Reduces the risk of cancer. We export shrimp to many countries
You need to pay attention to the shrimp purchase. Here are some tips to consider when buying shrimp.

hlso vannamei shrimp

hlso vannamei shrimp buyers

hlso vannamei shrimp is a whole seafood dish that is very tasty. If you buy frozen shrimp it must be fresh frozen
Don’t buy brown shrimp , especially the big ones.Do you know Who are the buyers of vanilla shrimp?
Vannamei shrimp is popular in many countries because of its medicinal properties.
Most of our customers for shrimp are the following countries:
To buy shrimp you can contact us by email or WhatsApp and request the amount of shrimp you need with the sizes mentioned.

vannamei shrimp importers in china

Although the hlso vannamei shrimps are small in size, they are of great value.Although the shrimp are small in size, they are of great value.
If you are looking for a healthy and tasty meal, shrimp is a great choice
China is one of the countries importing shrimp into its country
Previously, China imported shrimp from Saudi Arabia.
But recent statistics show that Iran is one of the countries importing shrimp from China

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