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Cuttlefish sale and seafood suppliers

Cuttlefish sale with size 100 until 2000 fresh and frozen in this company is possible. The price offered is very reasonable and has excellent quality.

Cuttlefish is Very popular. This is not a fish but a mussel. This fish is very intelligent and belongs to the marine octopus family.
Cuttlefish body is shaped like a sachet. When cooked, this fish will look like fish.

Cuttlefish sale with different size

Cuttlefish sale in many sizes.We explain here what the size of Cuttelfish is and how it is packaged.

The cuttlefish an eight-member family and has the following properties.

  • Calories
  • Protein
  • carbohydrate
  • Fat
Cuttlefish sales

cuttleFish releases a black substance when it feels threatened.This fish has 6 short legs and 2 long legs.

Landfrozen cuttlefish if whole:
Garghool cage
Trawl net catch

  • 100-200
  • 200-300
  • 300-500
  • 500-1000
  • 1000-2000
  • 2000/up

Packing: 2x 10 kg nw block per plain m/c

Cuttlefish sales

Cuttlefish market in europe

Cuttlefish sales in European markets are increasing every year
Which question might you ask, in which areas is the largest squid market?
Europe is one of the key markets of Cuttlefish.

Cuttlefish sales

Every year between 300 and 400 tons of kettle fish and seafood are exported to Europe.
Of this amount, about 75% is consumed in Spain and Italy.
Of course, one of the most consumed European countries is Spain
But the biggest Catalan fish market is Italy.
Its extraordinary taste has made this fish to be welcomed.

Are cuttlefish exapensive?

cuttlefish sale through many countries and prices vary across countries.

There are many types of Catfish Fish. About 120 species of this fish are probably known.
They are 15 cm in size and larger. But in some varieties of cut fish it reaches up to 0.5 meters.
Cuttlefish is not expensive, and anyone interested in it can buy it at a reasonable price.

Cuttlefish sales

Are cuttlefish farmed?

We have begun cuttlefish selle Fresh and frozen with best quality
cuttlefish are species of marine fish that have not yet been cultivated.
cuttlefish is found in the sea and in shallow and deep areas. These fish usually live in deep water in winter.
Cuttlefish live shallow water in spring and summer.

Cuttlefish sales
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