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Jumbo shrimp frozen manufature

Jumbo shrimp frozen is product from Iranfishstore. This manufature produces shrimp in different sizes.

The shrimp tails are completely separated and ready for use in variety of foods.

The shrimp is small size and has many properties.
When people are looking for healthy food, shrimp are a great choice.

This food is completely nutritious and also contains a lot of iodine. Shrimp are very useful including aquatic life.

This type of aquatic fish catches from the north and south seas of the country.

Jumbo shrimp frozen with best quality

Jumbo shrimp frozen is very delicious and useful marine and edible creature.

Frozen shrimp carefully cleaned. Also all  parts like skin completely separated.

They sell shrimp like this:

  • Shrimp caught from the seas
  • Bred shrimp

Both types have almost identical qualities. In addition, the presence of phosphorus and other vitamins in shrimp makes it a good food. Meanwhile, shrimp are exported to various countries.

Where are jumbo shrimp from?

About 75% of shrimp are grown in Asia, especially in China and Thailand.  About 25%  produced  Latin America. Brazil is also one of the largest shrimp producers in the world.

Jumbo shrimp frozen  packaged in a completely hygienic and safe way and is available to buyers.

Classy Jumbo shrimp exports

Exporters try to provide the best export shrimp for export.
Exports of top-grade shrimp to different countries are as follows:

  • Diameter
  • Turkey
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • Middle-eastern countries
  • Central Asian countries
  • European countrie

Different companies send different packages of shrimp after buying it. Exports of Jumbo shrimp frozen have good benefit and can be of great value for money.

Jumbo shrimp fresh

Jumbo shrimp from large shrimp can help you with this diverse service. How much does the shrimp competition cost in the domestic market?

Jumbo shrimp are larger in size than other shrimp sizes and are used to prepare foods such as shrimp, shrimp cocktail, and shrimp shrimp.Jumbo shrimp is also called king because of its size.
And yet the word shrimp king  sometimes used for Chabahar lobster.

Shrimp must smell like sea shrimp to detect fresh shrimp. Don’t buy shrimp isolated.

Look at the shrimp’s eyes if the eyes were loose, the shrimp is not fresh.

If you push the shrimp skin to sink, it must return to its original state if shrimp lasts longer. Jumbo shrimp frozen can stored in the refrigerator for up to 6 months without losing their properties.

Selling all kinds of red shrimp

Shrimp available in variety of colors incluging:

  • red
  • green
  • yellow
  • One of the best ornamental shrimp known as fire shrimp is red shrimp.

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