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Black tiger shrimp price with immediate delivery time

Black tiger shrimp price is good.  We can deliver it immediately form fob or cif. Shrimp have a high nutritional value. Shrimp live in fresh and saline waters. .They are high in protein, calcium and iodine.They are high in protein, calcium and iodine.

Having too much omega-3 in shrimp and eating it weekly prevents Alzheimer’s. Shrimp has many varieties, one of which is Tiger Shrimp. Be sure to buy it from reputable stores because shrimp get rotten early.

Black tiger shrimp price

Black tiger shrimp price

Black tiger shrimp price depends on its size and packaging. Shrimp comes in both fresh and frozen form. If the shrimp are frozen, it must be packaged well.

Fresh shrimp have a firm body that is attached to the skin.
The shrimp skin should be black with no spots. The size and packaging of Tiger Shrimp are as follows:

Size: U10 10-20
Packing: 2kg block inside 12kg cartoon (frozen)
Fresh: 20kg unolite
Form: frozen/fresh
Min order: 500kg
To buy shrimp, consider the following. Healthy shrimp smells like sea. So smell the shrimp before you buy. Shrimp are also heat sensitive so keep them cool.

Black tiger shrimp price

Is tiger shrimp good to eat?

Black tiger shrimp price is convenient. So we recommend eating it to everyone.
Shrimp consumption plays a very good role for the body. Shrimp has niacin properties. Deficiency in the body causes anorexia. Eating 120 grams of tiger shrimp will complete the vitamin 12 body.
Shrimp guarantees your health because:
Lose weight for obese people.
Reduces cholesterol.
Prevents all types of cancer.
Prevents Alzheimer’s.
So shrimp has many properties. People who don’t eat red meat can use shrimp in their diet instead.

Black tiger shrimp price

How much does a black tiger cost?

Shrimp has fatty acids and is very useful for the body.It also has a great effect on the brain.
The shrimp color is pale pink. But if you buy shrimp for breeding, the color is green.
Both shrimp are priced differently.
Black tiger shrimp price within Iran it varies depending to different things.
Cost black tiger is low. So everyone can buy this shrimp and use it in their daily diet.
Eating tiger shrimp has many properties.And it can protect your body against many diseases.

Black tiger shrimp price

Black tiger shrimp for sale

Selling frozen black tiger shrimp with good price is inside iran. Shrimp available in Iran are sold in both fresh and frozen form.
Black tiger shrimp price depends on its size and packaging.We provide them with the best quality to our customers.
Because what’s important in selling black shrimp is its freshness.Shrimp are sold in two ways:
Both types of shrimp have excellent quality.Various varieties of shrimp are of the Vannamei variety.Of course, the color of the vannamei shrimp is green. You can easily distinguish this shrimp from other species.

Black tiger shrimp price

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