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Queen fish importers from iran

Queen fish importers are from iran.Our company can give you this fish at the best price.

We can also freeze the queen fish to the international standard and offer it to you.

Queen fish is one of the most delicious fish in the world. This fish has a high nutritional value.

It also contains selenium, magnesium and iron.Queen fish is useful for people with diabetes.
Iran is a supplier of queen fish. Because it has a large guif.The queen fish lives in the Gulf.

Queen fish importers

Queen fish importers with packing

Queen fish importers can offer fish various forms. Importing fish from Iran has many advantages.
As mentioned above, Iran also lives in this sea because of the Gulf Sea and the queen fish.

We export frozen queen fish to countries. One of the parameters that we pay particular attention to is the quality of the fish.
When caught by the sea, the queen fish is frozen fresh. So when customers buy this fish they feel fresh
The company packs frozen fish according to customer’s orderThis will make the customers happy.

Queen fish importers

Frozen Queen fish supplier

Frozen fish, like fresh fish, have great nutritional value.Fish are caught in different seasons.
Each season has its own fish. Therefore, Queen fish importers companies do not have this kind of fish in all seasons.
That is why the companies that produce it offer it frozen.
Frozen queen fish supplier offer this fish with the following specifications:
Size: 2-6 kg
Packing : as customer order
Form: frozen
Min Order:24 ton
Of course there is no special packaging for this fish. Customers can order their own packaging according to their taste.

Queen fish importers

Queen fish market

Queen fish market is very good.Fish is one of the best foods. Therefore, it is necessary to use it weekly. Fish consumption can guarantee people’s health.
There is a sea in the north and south of Iran. You can buy different types of fish.
These products are divided into north and south.Queen fish is one of the southern fishes of Iran
Queen fish importers this fish is exported to many countries:
These are the countries where this fish is exported. The queen fish has a delectable flesh and has a characteristic.
That’s why it has attracted the attention of customers.

Queen fish importers

Queen fish price in malaysia

Queen fish importers

Queen fish importers they offer the best price for their customers.
The price of fish in Malaysia is different from other countries. Prices are based on FOB and CIF Or other methods.
We calculate the following costs

These costs vary by country. Because the destination of each country is different.
So you can message in WhatsApp by phone and get complete information.

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