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About Us

We are proud to have over 11 years of experience and deep knowledge of agriculture, We are one of the largest producers of fish and shrimp in Iran..

We are exporter of fish and shrimp and all kinds of aquatic and freshwater fish.

Our company is equipped with a production, packaging and processing plant that can freeze the products with the following processes:

• Individual Quick Frozen (IQF)
• Brine Individual Quick Frozen (IQF)
• Block Frozen

Also certificates:

ISO 9001,22000
IR Code

The main products are as blowe:

Shrimp (HOSO, HLSO, PUD T-ON, PUD T-OFF, BTTY T-ON, BTTY T-OFF, P&D T-ON, P&D T-OFF) Sea shrimp Ribbonfish eel fish cuttlefish and other seafood.

 Live crayfish, Trout , Shrimps, Vannamei Shrimps, Pike perch, Carp Fish ( Common Carp, Silver Carp, Big Head, Grass Carp ), Rainbow Trout, Salmon Trout, Sturgeon, Trout Roes, Cat fish, Kutum Fish, Fitofag, Vobla ( Roach ) and other fishery products ( FRESH OR FROZEN ) Or Each fish you need from Iran .

The products have been exported to different international markets such as China, the UEA, Oman, Georgia, Russia, Iraq and Europe.

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